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510 John Carlyle St.
Alexandria, VA 22314
(571) 312-7960
Hours of Operation


Our full menu is served all open hours!

Sweet Fire Starters


Served on a fresh-baked Potato Kaiser Roll.

Pulled Pork $7.25
Pulled Chicken $7.25
Carolina Chopped Pork
Topped with North Carolina Vinegar Sauce and Coleslaw
Sliced Brisket $10.95
Texas Beef Sausage
Made with Pork Casing

Just the Meat

Pulled Pork $16.95/lb
Pulled Chicken $16.95/lb
Carolina Chopped Pork $16.95/lb
Smoked Turkey $16.95/lb
Sliced Brisket $24.95/lb
Burnt Ends (LIMITED AVAILABILITY) $24.95/lb
1/2 BBQ Chicken $7.95
Texas Beef Sausage $4.95/link
SINGLE Jumbo Pork Sparerib $2.45
Jumbo Pork Spareribs (4-Bone Slab) $9.95
Jumbo Pork Spareribs (6-Bone Slab) $14.45
20 Smoked Chicken Wings $25
30 Smoked Chicken Wings $37.50


Custom 'Que

Build-a-Combo Platter

Create your own platter by choosing your meats and sides.

Combo Meals

House-made Sides

All sides are $3.50 each.


Creamy Cole Slaw GF V Cool Cucumber Salad GF V
Texas Caviar GF V Skin-on Potato Salad GF V

Hot Stuff

Fiery Mac & Cheese V Mammy's Collard Greens GF
Creamed Corn V Sweet BBQ Baked Beans GF
GF = Gluten Free    V = Vegetarian  

Extras and Dessert


Sweet Fire Donna's - 510 John Carlyle St. - Alexandria, VA 22314